Dr. L.D. Tate  is a native of St. Louis, Mo. He received his formal education through the St. Louis public School system.  He attended Missouri Baptist College, Bethany Bible College, Harris Stowe State College, Midwestern Theological Seminary, Eden Theological Seminary, and holds a Bachelor of Christian Behavior from New World Bible Institute, a Master of Ministry from New World Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry from Friends International Christian University.  He was awarded a letter of appreciation from the New World Bible Institute and Theological Seminary for his instructional contribution to their Bachelor of Ministry Degree Program.  He also holds an Honorary Doctorate from the Anchor Theological Seminary and Bible Institute, Texarkana, AK.  In August, 2013, Dr. Tate was appointed Adjunct Professor in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Theology to Anchor Theological Seminary and Bible Institute.  Dr. Tate has recently finishing a 2nd Doctoral Program in Theology and Minor in Christian Counseling with Christian University in Independence, Mo. 


Dr. Tate is the Director of the Pastors’ Division of the Berean District Association of St. Louis, Mo; Dr. Tate is a past president of the congress of Christian Education of the New Salem District Association, the former Director General of the Baptist State Congress, auxiliary to the Baptist General State Convention of IL., former President and Dean of Records for Rockford and Vicinity District Association Congress of Rockford, IL; He is also the former General Secretary of the Baptist General State Convention of IL. He is the Immediate Past President of the Baptist General State Congress of IL, auxiliary to the Baptist General State Convention of IL.  He is the former President of the Congress of Christian Education for the Progressive Baptist District Association, Rockford, IL;  Currently, Vice Moderator of the Progressive Baptist District Association, of Rockford, IL  He is the former Lecturer for the Special Project: Christian Education Workshop, Division 16 and the Division of Church Growth and Discipleship and current Lecturer for the Division of Instruction in the National Baptist Congress; and he serves as the Midwest Regional Coordinator for the Sunday School Publishing Board Division of Christian Education Accreditation and Credentials.


Dr. Tate has been preaching the gospel for 42 years, and has been a pastor for 36 years.  He was privileged to organize the True Fellowship M.B. Church of Madison, IL and currently serves as the Pastor of the Olivet M.B. Church of St. Louis, MO.


Dr. Tate has gained both national and international acclaim as being one of God’s Best Preachers.  


Dr. Tate has (4) children and is married to the former Ms Jacqueline O. Bell, whom he affectionately refers to as Bay.