Christian worship must have at its foundation an appreciative rehabilitative stance -- a rationalized mental attitude.

     Why do I exist?  What do I owe God?

Praising Him is due..... I owe. Worshipping Him is my getting an understanding of Who He is and Why I exist.

We have the distinct misfortune of evolving in a society that purports a truth that disdains biblical mandates.

Worship to God must be sustained.  Holman's Bible Dictionary says worship is "the human response to the perceived presence of the divine, a presence which transcends normal human activity and it is holy."

When we try to worship for the sake of certain benefits that may be received, the act ceases to be worshiped; for then it uses God as a means to something else.

     1. Worship becomes more meaningful when churches approach worship with a sense of mystery, awe, and splendor.

     2. The purpose of worship is not primarily to receive blessings from God but to make offerings to God.

     a) Worship is primarily the offering of our total selves to God -- our intellects, our feelings, our attitudes, and our possessions. Our outward gifts are the results of our inward dedication -- Psalms 116:12